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 Dogs Of War's training program - Maximise your sessions!

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PostSubject: Dogs Of War's training program - Maximise your sessions!   Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:43 am

Please note this is leveraged off elsewhere which is dated a while ago, hence some information might not be applicable anymore due to the changing landscape of the game. If in doubt, ask around the forum.

This article is more aimed at the 3rd season + manager, if your younger than that, then I suggest you have a read of this article instead (click here)

I will assume you have L3 everything, if you have higher, then you will be able to use the extra session in the first season to double up on training on a key skill of a player.

The idea of this guide is to minimise sessions wastage, as well as provide a decent amount of training for each player as they age. Players train quicker as they as younger, and at this point is when you want to give them as many sessions as possible, as well as allowing you to round out there skills early. As well it means you only have to buy one trainee each season.

If you have a player with low skills like handling, be sure to double sessions that in the first season. Or slower training skills like speed on a backline player should always be double sessioned in the first couple of seasons. A guide to key skills for each position can be found by clicking here

Below is how many sessions players should get each season training through each season. Age of player in brackets. This will allow the player to develop properly, and once you have this is play, you will have an assembly line of superstars at your disposal.

You should also tailor team training to what your 17yr olds key skills are, as the whole team will benfit anyhow, but it will also allow that player to pop even faster while 17 (which is when they do pop quickest)

Season 1 (17)

8 Sessions

Season 2 (18)

7 Sessions

Season 3 (19)

5 Sessions

Season 4 (20)

4 Sessions

Season 5 (21)

2 Sessions

Season 6 (22)

1 session, round off skills to next pop, or continue training something knowing that ingame training/team training will bring it to his next pop after that point.

Hope you find this useful. You don't have to play this exactly by the book by giving players that exact number of sessions each season, as some players may not require it, but it does allow you to understand how long you should train your players, as well as making sure you get the most out of each trainee. As you drop sessions from season to season, usually due to pops, it is good to use those sessions to double up on the training of a skill on your current 17yr old player. Have a look at the next post for ideas of suggested sessions per position, though take into account that a low rated skill may require you to double session it, even if it doesn't say so below.

An alternate way of doing the same thing, but really going for gold in the first 2 seasons of training is as follows.

Season 1 - 10 Sessions.
Season 2 - 8 Sessions.
Season 3 - 4 Sessions.
Season 4 - 4 Sessions
Season 5 - 1 Sessions (though those with higher level facilities than 3 may be able to use more at this point).

This system will deliver an even stronger player. Just a matter of working out how to change your current training to this system.

Quick guide to suggested sessions for each season and what to drop.


Season 1

Season 2, drop 1 defence session.
Season 3 drop 1 tech and 1 strength session
Season 4 drop handling session
Season 5 drop attack and defence session


Season 1


Season 2 - Drop 1 strength sessions
Season 3 - Drop either attack or defence session
Season 4 - Drop whichever you didn't the previous season
Season 5 - Drop 1 handling and 1xtech session


Season 1


Handling should be double sessioned if possible this season, though you will have to steal the session from someone else.

Season 2 drop either attack, defence or 1xjumping
Season 3 drop one of the others you didn't the season before
Season 4 drop whichever you haven't done from the above yet.
Season 5 drop 1xstrength and the technique session.

Backrow players.

Season 1

Season 2 Drop 1xdefence session
Season 3 Drop 1x tech session
Season 4 Drop speed session
Season 5 Drop drop handling and attack.


Season 1


If you want to training kicking, then put some sessions away to do so. It is a long term training, and thus requires 2xsessions for 3-4 seasons.

Season 2 Drop 1xspeed
Season 3 Drop 1xagility
Season 4 Drop 1xdefence
Season 5 Drop 1xattack and 1xhandling


Season 1

Season 2 Drop 1xattack
Season 3 Drop 1xhandling
Season 4 Drop 1xspeed
Season 5 Drop agility and defence.
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Dogs Of War's training program - Maximise your sessions!
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